IDLS Suite

delivery management software solutions for last mile delivery

The comprehensive IDLS software suite delivers the solutions you need to manage delivery teams with unmatched efficiency. Manage warehouse inventory. Achieve full visibility into product movement. Control costs, optimize revenues. Streamline and elevate the delivery experience for every stakeholder, from end to end. Reap the rewards of happy customers.

IDLS end-to-end solutions are the technology of choice for carriers and retailers delivering mattresses, appliances and other large consumer products through last mile delivery services—a fastest-growing leg of today’s supply chain.


This core powerhouse is used by warehouse managers, customer service staff, and finance teams to manage orders, inventory, routing, dispatch, invoicing, settlements, and reporting. IDLS management tools equip your delivery operations teams with the tools for fast delivery scheduling, intelligent route optimization to meet revenue goals, and customer-facing features to keep clients informed about ETAs. The integrated web portal allows you to check on order status, view photos and PODs, and monitor route status in real time.

Warehouse Management System

The IDLS Warehouse Management System (WMS) automates receiving and processing of inventory with top-tier tools for automation and accuracy. Receive inventory and initiate immediate tracking with barcode scanning. Manage put-away, picking, and staging of warehouse products.

You’ll always know what’s in your warehouse and how it’s moving. Eliminate error-prone manual processes with full-blown inventory management systems that keep you in control of inventory counts, forecasts, and product flow.

Mobile Dispatch Solutions

The IDLS Mobile Dispatch application takes the technology from where the product is to where the last mile customer is waiting—guiding, tracking, and documenting delivery workflows in real time. Driver location tracking, route monitoring, and automatic ETA calculations calibrate every step of the delivery process. Mobile instructions based on SLAs and installation guides help delivery teams meet customer expectations and work efficiently.

Keep your dispatcher updated throughout the day with delivery ETAs, order and item status changes, PODs, photo documentation, customer surveys, and notes from drivers and customers for turnkey communication and first-class performance.


IDLS is hosted in the cloud in professionally managed data centers where all systems are monitored to ensure that the system is always available. There are no up-front costs for servers, new Internet connections,backups, or maintenance.

Always Available

IDLS is available to your warehouse management teams, dispatchers, drivers, clients, and customers 24/7/365.

Safe and Secure

Your data is protected against loss or corruption with continual monitoring, back-ups, and replication to remote locations.


Our data centers are ISO certified for redundant power, electricity, Internet connectivity, and protection from malware and ransomware.